VII Framework Programme

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VII Framework Programme

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European projects of the Seventh Framework R & D

The Seventh Framework R & D (VII FP) is a heterogeneous group of R & D initiatives of major European Union-sponsored addressed to both academic and business field, and that is the main (but not only) means of encouraging R & D in the EU. The Seventh Framework is geared mainly to the financing of collaborative projects (carried out by multinational companies) and individual, promotion and training of research personnel, the integration and coordination of national research programs, the financing of major infrastructure research, collaboration in training and research issues of European groups through networks, and international cooperation with third countries. The Seventh Framework is organized around four major programs:

Cooperation ====== ====== It is the principal of the Seventh Framework Programme and consists mainly of collaborative projects (carried out by multinational companies) and projects in the context of platforms technology, featuring the industry, but also networks of excellence and other instruments. It consists of 10 thematic areas covering almost the entire range of R & D, from biotechnology to information technology, humanities through security, etc. The calls are made by thematic areas and topics within each are defined very specifically. Networks of excellence are similar to Spanish but multinational. Ideas ====== ====== This is a new program that funds projects which are novel (“in the frontier of knowledge”) of individual and free theme. Both the project and the interested researcher (or researchers) should be of very high standard. People ====== ====== This program corresponds to the Marie Curie, and aims to facilitate mobility of researchers at the international level, both within and outside Europe. Capacities ====== ====== This is a diverse program that includes projects specifically aimed at small and medium enterprises and cross-cutting ations. In general, calls are made every six months (approximately) and are available through the official website of the Seventh Framework, CORDIS, or through our Office. You can also consult our multimedia presentation (coming soon).

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