Marie Curie-IF (MSCA-IF)

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Marie Curie-IF (MSCA-IF)

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The University of Granada gladly welcomes Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (MSCA-IF) applications.

The candidates interested in applying for a MSCA-IF-2020 at the University of Granada are encouraged to read the following information.

According to the Guide for Applicant MSCA-IF-2020, page 11,

The researcher must meet the eligibility criteria (i.e. diploma, research experience, career research break, residency, mobility, etc.) on the day of the call deadline. The host organisation must check compliance with the eligibility criteria before submitting the proposal. In case of doubts about the researcher's eligibility, the submission of documentary evidence may be requested by the REA after the call deadline.

Because of this, the International Research Projects Office (OFPI) has launched a new application procedure for Marie Curie calls. Those interested in applying for the Marie Curie Individual Call (MSCA-IF) 2020 with the University of Granada will need to send us --LOGIN--4f4286f65f6d0d4a39a5138166f9a7eeugr[dot]es the following documents:

Mobility rule document 2020 to be completed with supporting documents.
Application form 2020 signed by the supervisor and the fellow.

Línea temporal MSCA 2019_update In this section you can check the list of available supervisors at the UGR on each research area. - (Available soon!)

Moreover, the OFPI offers you support and advice for the preparation of your proposal in order to increase your chances of obtaining a MSCA-IF. In this way, a schedule for drafts delivery has been established (image attached); in case you want us to review the first and second draft of your project you should respect the delivery dates in order to have time to review the project. Thank you.

For further information about the MSCA IF 2020 call, please visit the Guide for applicants.

We warmly encourage you to apply and join us at the UGR!

Chemistry (CHE)

Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)

Economic Sciences (ECO)

Information Science and Engineering (ENG)

Environment and Geosciences (ENV)

Life Sciences (LIFE)

Mathematics (MAT)

Physics (PHY)