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About us

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I want to start a European Project, what's next?

The International Research Projects Office (OFPI) is in charge of managing international research projects.

The OFPI is part of the Andalusian Network of Research Transfer Offices (ROA) which has created a guide for researchers to familiarise themselves with European projects and resolve possible doubts and questions such as: what are the benefits of being part of a European Project? What funding is available, FAQs regarding the formation of a consortium, etc.

Projects managed by the OFPI

  • Horizon 2020.
  • 7th Framework Programme.
  • Other International Programmes.

What the OFPI does

  • Advertises calls for applications.
  • Conducts different administrative activities: financial management, grants, contracts and audits.
  • Supports the researcher in the process of creating and submitting a proposal.
  • Communicates with all participating entities.
  • Takes part in any other relevant activities.

The OFPI aims to manage projects correctly and efficiently so that our researchers can focus purely on the scientific aspects of each project.

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