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Templates for Proposals

International Project Members

University of Granada Research Staff Remuneration

Note: in order to receive remuneration, all forms must be duly completed and sent to the International Research Projects Office: --LOGIN--60cd07058fa28d69c12dfcc30b4a12acugr[dot]es

7th Framework Programme Forms

UGR Research Fund Forms

International Project Funding

Personnel in International Projects

Announcing Grants and Contracts (for Lead Researchers)

Recently Hired Personnel

Staff Resignations

CERTIFICATE of Participation in Projects

If you wish to obtain a certificate, please go to the Vice-Rectorate’s Administrative INTRANET and click on the “Certificación” section in order to prove your participation in a project and/or in a research group.

IMPORTANT: In case you wish to certificate a project that is not included in our data base, you will have to apply for its incorporation using the following form:

Researchers from other universities, who need to certificate their participation in a UGR project, will have to send us the previous document signed by the principal investigator to --LOGIN--0725ccf251b0f87bdf33aff8952725f0ugr[dot]es

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