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COST actions

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COST brings together researchers and experts from different countries working on specific topics.

COST does NOT fund research itself, but supports the networking activities such as meetings, conferences, short term scientific exchanges and outreach activities. COST invites proposals for Actions contributing to the scientific, technological, economic, cultural or societal development of Europe. Especially welcome proposals that have a precursor role for other European programs and / or are initiated by junior researchers.

COST is organized into nine broad fields:

* Biomedicine and Molecular Biosciences Science and Technology * Chemistry and Molecular Sciences * Earth and Environmental Management * Food and Agriculture Forests, their products and services * Individuals, Society, Culture and Health * Information technology and communication * Materials sciences, physical sciences and nanosciences * Transport and Urban Development

Each fields is detailed in


The evaluation of proposals will occur in two phases. Preliminary proposals (maximum 1 500 words / 3 pages), submitted by online template set here in should provide a brief summary of the proposal and its intended impact.

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