First Call - Wit - Welcoming International Talent - 8 Early Stage researchers

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First Call - Wit - Welcoming International Talent - 8 Early Stage researchers


First Call - Wit, Welcoming International Talent - 8 Early Stage researchers

Dates: 8 April - 8 June

Info: Following link

Candidates will have 2 months to submit their application and the requested documentation for the phase 1 of the process: 8 April - 8 June

About Wit:

Wit is a highly competitive, merit-based, International Fellowship Programme aimed at attracting 16 Early-Stage Researchers (ESR) to develop a 36 months stay in Navarra, in order to work on innovative projects in the fields of Health, Automotive-Mechatronics & Advanced Manufacturing and Energy, with the Artificial Intelligence applied as a cross-sectional area to each of the previous research lines. It is cofunded by the EU as part of the H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action Cofund.

The 16 contracts will be distribuited in two different calls.

Conditions and criteria:

Elegibility criteria: Early Stage Researchers from all nationalities can take part in Wit Programme if they follow some requirements.

Employment conditions: package for successful candidates.

Working conditions: Wit Programme is committed to offer the doctoral fellows the best facilities to run their researches, and the best environment and support for their activities.

Wit Programme´s Gender Equality Plan


Application process: the selection process will be carried out via online through Wit website and will start with the announcement of the first call on 08 April, 2022.

The first call for 8 contracts will be launched on 08 April, 2022, and the second call for the other 8 contracts is expected to be launched in January, 2023.

Evaluation criteria: The selection process is designed to be open, transparent and merit-based. The evaluation criteria will follow the methodology established for Horizon 2020 and ERC projects.